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Last June 8, 2017 inaugurated our demostration garden  coinciding with the the Viridalia conference.

The garden is meant to be a catalogue in three dimensions, in order that our customers can see the definite development of the plants that commercialise, and also can take ideas of like distributing them in his gardens.

It treats of a garden without watering, only has done a watering of implementation during the first 12 – 14 weeks, and later water these species that at some time of the year require any watering in order to favour his aspect.

Pretends to be an alive garden, with the incorporation of nests of insects and of birds. To the hour that will serve us to experience with new species of plants provinents of Mediterranean zones of the world.

We invite you all to visit it frequently in order to can observe the changes that is presenting in the course of the different seasons of the year.